EasyAdmin! For an Awesomely Powerful Admin Area

This course is in the planning stages

So... your site needs an admin area. Do yourself a favor and skip all that custom code and jump straight into EasyAdmin bundle. Why #1? Because it'll take you a fraction of the time to build what you need. Why #2? Because it'll be even better than what you would build by hand, including built-in widgets for auto-completion and toggling boolean fields. It's... pretty sweet.

In this tutorial, we'll learn how to admin interfaces that are highly customized:

  • Install & Bootstrapping the bundle
  • Dashboards! CRUD controllers!
  • All about Fields
  • Customize everything: what properties to display, how they render, help messages, sorting, filters... and more!
  • Override templates... at many different levels
  • Take control of your forms
  • Handling security
  • Adding custom actions (and removing others)
  • Updating and configuring the menu (like adding a link to kitten videos!)
  • Hooking into events to do things before or after an entity is saved
  • Adding custom CSS/JS behaviors to the page with Webpack Encore
  • ... and more

So let's do a little bit of work for a lotta bit results (note: "lotta bit" is a term I just made up).

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