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Q: Do the subscription plans include newly created tutorials and updates to existing tutorials?

A: Yes! While your subscription is active you will always have access to the newest content and updates (score!)

Q: When my subscription expires will I have access to the tutorials I've watched?

A: Womp womp, unfortunately not. Once your subscription ends you will lose access to paid content.

Q: Does the monthly subscription end automatically after one month?

A: It does not, monthly subscriptions are recurring by default. But you can easily cancel at any point from your account settings.

Q: Does my admin account use up one of my team licenses?

A: Nope, your admin account to manage your team does not count towards your available licenses. And it even has access to all the video content plus the team stats board. Yay!

Buying Single

Q: Can I purchase just *one* tutorial, instead of a subscription?

A: Definitely! But, the option is a bit hidden (to keep things simple for most users). When you're on a tutorial (e.g. https://symfonycasts.com/screencast/javascript), click the button to "Buy Access". On the next page, below the subscription boxes, click the small link: "No thanks, I just want to buy JavaScript for PHP Geeks for $XX.00."

Q: I've purchased a single tutorial, does this include any updates?

A: Fixes and corrections will be available. But, version updates may require the purchase of a new tutorial.

Q: Does the purchase expire?

A: Nope! Once you've bought a tutorial it is yours. Please take good care of it and remember to water it daily!

Other Questions

Q: In which currency will I be charged?

A: All our prices are based on USD (United States Dollars)

Q: Wait... weren't you called KnpUniversity before?

A: We *were*! We changed our name when we became the official screencast provider for Symfony. You can learn all about this on our blog: KnpUniversity is now SymfonyCasts!.

Q: I have a technical question on a tutorial I'm taking, where do I ask?

A: We love your technical questions on the tutorial! So ask them in the comments of that chapter. We monitor those, so we'll get you a response quickly!

Dino Questions Answered

Q: What's your favorite dinosaur?

A: The Stegosaurus! There's no waiting in line with a tail like that.

Q: Are dinosaurs lizards?

A: Excellent question, although 'dinosaur' means "terrible lizard", the name is somewhat misleading, as dinosaurs are not lizards.

Question still unanswered?

We'd be happy to answer your question via email, just contact us directly!