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Sep 17th, 2018

KnpUniversity is now SymfonyCasts!

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Written by weaverryan

KnpUniversity is now SymfonyCasts!

If you look around the site today, you'll probably notice something different. KnpUniversity is now SymfonyCasts! And SymfonyCasts is the official online training system for Symfony. This is something we've been planning for awhile and we are beyond excited. Like, jumping-high-fives-someone-order-a-big-cake kind of excited! Woh.

If you're already a KnpU/SymfonyCasts user: we <3 you! And because of that, I want to explain exactly what this change means (and doesn't mean). Question & answer time!

A) So... What Changed Exactly?

Basically, our name :). Well, a bit more than that (keep reading). But, we are the same team, creating the same awesome tutorials and we are the same company.

B) Was KnpUniversity acquired?

Nope! Same team, same content, but with closer ties to the Symfony Organization :).

C) What is Dark Energy?

Hmm. Seems a bit unrelated! But, sure! I'm no expert, but I believe this is the mysterious force that's used to explain the fact that the universe is expanding at a faster and faster rate.

Hello SymfonyCasts!

So what is changing? When we started KnpUniversity 7 years ago, we wanted to help make Symfony accessible to more people with high-quality, tutorial-based videos. We use this style to create the best PHP tutorials, OO tutorials and a fantastic JavaScript series. But, we've always kept Symfony at the center of what we do. What can we say, we love Symfony!

So, when we were asked if we wanted to become the official screencasts for Symfony, it made perfect sense! This means SymfonyCasts will have more exposure on so that new Symfony users can find our tutorials faster. It also means we get to work more closely with Symfony: making sure our tutorials move in sync.

Supporting Symfony through SymfonyCasts

But, there is one totally different reason that I'm excited. Now that SymfonyCasts has joined Symfony, supporting SymfonyCasts now helps to support the development of Symfony itself. This is an important detail that helps to make sure the Symfony ecosystem can sustain itself far into the future.

As part of that, SymfonyCasts will sponsor me (Ryan) to work on the official Symfony Documentation each Friday for the rest of 2019. Yep, SymfonyCasts is now helping to push the written documentation forward!

Questions? Confused?

If you have any questions about any of these, please ask! We want everything to be as clear and open as possible. You can ask down in the comments, email us at, find me (weaverryan) on the Symfony Slack or show up at our office with chocolate ice cream. Your call.



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Default user avatar Alex Rock 5 years ago

So cool <3

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At least it's a meaningful name, sorry but KnpUniversity wasn't a good name at all.

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Default user avatar Tahmina Khatoon 5 years ago

I am sad, I don't like the name, because it is similar with laracasts. I expected something unique for symfony.

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Hey Tahmina Khatoon!

Yea, it is a bit similar for sure :). It's tough - you don't want to be *so* creative that the name isn't recognizable. People know what "casts" are - so we wanted to make the name recognizable. I *do* think that our "casts" have a lot of unique things - like the English captions for all videos, clickable scripts below each video & expandable code blocks. We definitely want to make something special with the community!


2 | Reply |

The English captions really are a great feature! I wish other e-learning platforms would do the same.

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Default user avatar Dan Reinders 5 years ago

Chocolate Ice Cream. Got it. Just need delivery address. Cup or cone?

| Reply |

Waffle Cone, of course! And I expect you to show in person ;)

| Reply |

Happy new year! First!

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Default user avatar Aleksandar Mitic 5 years ago

Congrats! Happy to see more videos on Symfony in the future!

| Reply |

Hey Aleksandar,

Thank you! We're working on it ;)


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Kribo avatar Kribo 5 years ago

a big congrats...
nicely done...
Wil be reading your work on symfony doc's

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Default user avatar Giancarlos Salas 5 years ago


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