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Learn APIs


The Future is RESTful APIs: Let's kick the future's butt.

Courses in this Track

APIs Track Overview


  • Comfortable with PHP, database and object-oriented programming
  • If you're following the Symfony series, a good understand of how Symfony works

After this track, what will my level be?

  • tl;dr You'll know from a deep understanding of HTTP to the practical skills needed to create a robust, real-world REST API
  • All of the fundamental concepts - HTTP methods, status codes, hypermedia, HATEOAS, etc - will be clear, and you'll understand how you can leverage these things
  • You'll be very comfortable creating a variety of endpoints, including how to handle incoming data, create outgoing JSON, and proper formatting and status code
  • API authentication will make sense, and you'll have a clear path to securing your API at the level you need
  • Error handling will become simple, and you'll be comfortable sending back responses when things go wrong

Track Summary

Welcome to the future: the world where the API rules all. Fortunately, our tools have never been better. Unfortunately - and surprisingly - building a RESTful API can be really tough. But in the future, we won't let that stop us.

This series is all about uncovering and unpacking the strange world of REST and building real-world apps. This means status codes, request and response headers, HTTP methods, serialization, testing and an endless path of buzzwords like HATEOAS, idempotency and hypermedia. And honestly, some of these will be more land-mines than useful tools along our path.

Since building RESTful API's are the future, consider this track an investment in yourself: your opportunity to not just get by, but to really master this growing world.