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Take Control of your Future: Build something amazing with PHP

Courses in this Track

PHP Track Overview


  • Nothing! If you're a programming beginner, welcome :)

After this track, what will my level be?

  • You'll have a real understanding of the most important programming concepts that are applicable to any language
  • You'll be ready to start working inside real applications, and will be able to continue studying object-oriented concepts and frameworks
  • You'll be able to write code using variables, functions, arrays, if statements and more
  • Want to use a database? Yep, you'll be able to do that to, from creating the database to making basic queries for data
  • You'll be able to setup HTML forms and process incoming data

Track Summary

Are you ready to build something real? With PHP, you'll be able to create anything: from extending Wordpress to developing a complex custom application with a database, authentication and complex user interactions. PHP is the tool, but you'll be the power behind it. And it all starts here.

In this track, we start with the absolute basics: great for beginners and casual PHP-developers alike. Together, we'll build some real apps with forms, databases, AJAX and more.

But unlike a lot of tutorials, you won't find any out-dated garbage here. Together, we'll build up your skills towards becoming a great PHP developer that understand why something works and - with practice - how the pros organize and write their code.

It's a long road, but so much fun and totally worth it. Ready?