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Twig Templating for Friendly Frontend Devs


What you'll be learning

This tutorial uses Twig 1. There are newer versions of Twig, but they don't contain significant differences. So, Twig on!
// composer.json
    "require": []

Welcome to Twig! If you're a frontend developer and you're using Twig in your project, then this course is for you! We'll talk about how to use Twig from the ground-up, clearly pointing out its syntax and then graduating to some really neat and advanced tricks. Twig is awesome to work with, so don't just use Twig, master it!

We'll learn:

  • The Twig syntaxes: {{ }} and {% %}
  • Functions and filters
  • Debugging with the dump() function
  • Handling arrays and objects
  • Template Inheritance (extends & block)
  • Tests, looping tricks, and shortcut syntaxes
  • Macros (Twig functions)
  • Whitespace control, escaping and more!

Ok, let's go!

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