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Course 2: How to stop worrying & start writing PHP


What you'll be learning

This is episode 2 of our Epic PHP series. Find episode 1 here.

In this episode, we're learning all about forms, form submissions, how this translates the the HTTP Request/Response world, and saving files to the disk. This is a huge step forward, and all in under 30 minutes! You'll learn:

  • How to access submitted form data
  • What the HTTP method is for a request (and how to read it)
  • How to save files
  • How to redirect a user
  • What request and response "headers" are
  • Better code organization with functions.

This will get you ready for episode 3... which is all about databases!

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Lucio S. Avatar
Lucio S. Avatar Lucio S. | posted 4 years ago

Enjoying these courses so far! However, have you considered changing the name of your company to SymfonyCats? =^.^=

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Oumkaltoum Avatar

We only think about it EVERY SINGLE DAY :D :D

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Default user avatar
Default user avatar Sargath | posted 5 years ago

Hi if I can suggets something in next episode, it would be nice if you will mention, something about submiting forms with arrays. Like multiselect or example input multiple variables, like name=first[name], name=second[name] added by JS/JQuery and process them in PHP. Because there are lots of exmaples of sample with submiting in single inputs. I really like you courses, keep the course, thx :) BR


That's actually a really great idea! We're going to see if we can add something :).


Default user avatar

Do you plan to make an lessons on Doctrine 2(a project which uses pagination) ? How do you use it from plain PHP. Thank you !


Hi Lucas!

We are thinking about a Doctrine2 tutorial but have nothing concretely planned in the short-term. It *is* one of the most-requested screencasts (if you click the "Tell Us What You Think" button on the bottom left of this page, you'll see), so I think it's a good idea!


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