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Learn Symfony 7


Create amazing things with PHP's most powerful framework

Courses in this Track

The Fundamentals

Cosmic Coding with Symfony 7


20 videos

Cosmic Coding with Symfony 7

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Learn More Tricks

Upgrading & What's in Symfony 7


13 videos

Upgrading & What's in Symfony 7

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Symfony 7 Track Overview


  • Intermediate PHP experience & skills
  • Comfortable with object-oriented principles

After this track, what will my level be?

  • Grasp of the fundamentals of the Symfony framework from front-to-back
  • Ability to use all of Symfony's major pieces - Doctrine, forms, security, etc - to build real web applications
  • After the more advanced courses, you'll be able to dig into Symfony and deeper levels to accomplish custom tasks
  • Basically, you'll be busy building cool things :)

Track Summary

Ready to build something incredible, fall in love with the process and be proud of the code you write? Yea, me too! Welcome to Symfony. We're glad you're here.

Whether you need to create a full API or a web app with a killer IO, Symfony is the tool to get the job done. Symfony is lean & mean: it starts tiny, then grows with you automatically. It's built with object-oriented best practices in mind with tools to create a developer experience to help you get your job done quickly, without sacrificing quality.

In this track, we'll go from beginner to expert: touching on every part of Symfony and unlocking you to build the app of your dreams.