Doctrine, Symfony & the Database


What you'll be learning

It's database time! After the first two courses, we are primed and ready to take our app up a level... or 10!

This tutorial is all about Doctrine: a powerful ORM that will allow us to talk to a database from inside our Symfony app. Historically, Doctrine has sometimes had a reputation for being hard to learn. But with recent changes in the Symfony world, that's gone. You are going to love what Doctrine will let you do! Let's go!

  • Booting a database with Docker via make:docker:database
  • Database Configuration
  • Creating (and updating) Entities with make:entity
  • Generating & using migrations
  • Inserting new data
  • Fetching & Querying for data
  • Doctrine Repositories
  • Custom queries and the query builder
  • Fixtures (Dummy data) using Foundry
  • Relationships & Associations

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