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Build great apps with confidence! Testing tools to make you sleep soundly at night.

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Beginner Testing

PHPUnit: Testing with a Bite


29 videos

PHPUnit: Testing with a Bite

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Testing Track Overview


As long as you're comfortable with object-oriented coding, you're ready to test!

After this track, what will my level be?

No matter what you need, you'll be absolutely comfortable with unit testing your classes, integration testing all your layers together, or functionally testing your app with a real browser.

Track Summary

If you're even checking out this track, congrats! It means that you're ready to take your apps to the next level.

This track is all about learning how to test your app from a "pragmatic-first" point of view. Sure, you'll learn all the important stuff along the way - like the difference between unit, integration & functional tests or how to mock. This will allow you to test your PHP classes directly or take control of a real browser that surfs around your site and tests that it works (including JavaScript)!

As a bonus, you'll also learn how to use your tests to drive the quality of your app. It's called behavior-driven development and... it's pretty awesome.