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Course Overview

End to End (E2E) App Testing

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About this course

This course is in the planning stages

We've covered unit testing & integration testing. But what about testing your actual site? Clicking links? Filling out forms? Welcome to end-to-end application testing. Here's what we'll tackle:

  • Functional tests vs E2E tests vs application testing
  • Testing our first page
  • Test naming & behavior-driven development
  • Controlling & seeding the database, the right way
  • Assertions & using the crawler
  • Testing authentication & logging in before tests
  • Panther: testing in a JavaScript-enabled environment
  • zenstruck/browser: a testing experience to love!
  • Debugging: screenshots, pausing tests & more
  • "Waiting" for loading & other JavaScript interactions
  • Testing an API

Let's test!

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Marcos-D avatar Marcos-D 4 days ago

Hi! looking forward for this one. What's the ETA? Thanks

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Hey Marcos,

Thank you for your interest in SymfonyCasts tutorials! We're going to release a few Symfony 7-related tutorials before this, so my rough estimation - this will be started releasing after 1-2 months. Feel free to subscribe to it with "Notify me when course is available" button above - we will notify you when the first chapter will be released on it :)


| Reply |

no Worries. Is there an older version of this one?

| Reply |

Hey Marcos,

Unfortunately, there's no one. Though you can try to search on SymfonyCasts for specific topics you're interested in, just in case we have it covered in an older course already.


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