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PHPUnit: Integration Testing with Live Services

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Yuuki-K Avatar

Hello, is there any schedule on when this course is set to release?

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Jesse-Rushlow Avatar
Jesse-Rushlow Avatar Jesse-Rushlow | SFCASTS | Yuuki-K | posted 2 months ago

Howdy Yuuki-K,

We do not have a firm release date set quite yet. But, the plan is to have this episode roll out in Q1 2023. Now that the holiday's are behind us and the kids are back in school, I'll be full steam ahead on getting this out the door to every as quick as possible.

Be sure to keep an eye on the @SymfonyCasts & @JesseRushlow Twitter feeds in the coming week's - I'm sure we'll be posting some updates as we get closer to the release of our prehistoric friends...


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Mohamed-M Avatar
Mohamed-M Avatar Mohamed-M | posted 1 month ago

Hello, is there any update about the schedule ?

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Hey Mohamed,

You can find upcoming tutorials on this page: https://symfonycasts.com/courses?status=upcoming&sort=popular#all


Jesse-Rushlow Avatar
Jesse-Rushlow Avatar Jesse-Rushlow | SFCASTS | Mohamed-M | posted 1 month ago

Howdy Mohamed-M,

Not yet, but other than we're working on the tutorial as we speak...

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