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Learn Drupal 8


New Paradigms? Object-Oriented Code? No problem: let's do Drupal 8!

Courses in this Track

Drupal 8 Track Overview


  • Comfortable with using Drupal 7

After this track, what will my level be?

  • You'll be extremely confident all the prerequisites to the modern development that Drupal 8 uses - PHP namespaces, object-oriented coding and dependency injection
  • You'll understand routes, controllers and responses: the most fundamental concepts that Drupal 8 is based on
  • You'll also have real experience and broad understanding of the dependency injection container and related topic, like dependency injection tags
  • You'll be introduced to events, and learn how to these are leveraged in Drupal to make the magic happen

Track Summary

Coming from a Symfony background, Drupal 8 looks like a developers playground. The code you write is less magic, you can override anything, and the debugging tools are amazing. And to make things sweeter, all the skills you'll need to master Drupal 8 - OO, namespaces, services, etc - are global skills that will make you more dangerous in anything you use.

The goal of this track is simple: prepare you for the new object-oriented paradigm and keep going until you've positively mastered the nuts and bolts behind how Drupal 8 actually works.

The Plan

1) OO Prerequisites If you're getting your feet wet with OO code, PHP namespaces or dependency injection, start here. By the time you get to the Drupal 8-specific stuff, you will fly!

2) Dive into D8 Now we get to the good stuff. Not how to use Drupal 8, but deeper: how D8 works. And for the themer in your life, let them learn Twig and code along with the coding challenges.

And don't forget the extra credit!