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Object Oriented Programming (Course 1)


What you'll be learning

Get Object-Oriented!

In this course, we'll get you up and running with classes, objects, methods, properties and all that OO stuff by building a real (and epic) application where we battle space ships. Woh.

Expect to get really comfortable with object-oriented fundamentals, including:

  • Creating a class
  • Instantiating objects (many objects!)
  • Classes verus objects (what's the diff?)
  • Class methods
  • Visibility (that public, private, protected stuff)
  • Type-hinting
  • Class constructors (the __construct guy)

Then keep going with course 2.

Blast off! #NerdPun

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Default user avatar Huy Nguyen1 | posted 4 years ago

I have watched 2 oo episodes and learned A LOT of things that I couldn't find anywhere else, this is awesome. Man, you HAVE TO check this out

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So nice of you to say! REALLY happy you found it useful - we wanted an OO guide for the real world!


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Neal O. Avatar
Neal O. Avatar Neal O. | posted 4 years ago

Is there not a video download for this screen cast?

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Default user avatar KnpUniversity | Neal O. | posted 4 years ago

Hi Neal! The video download is now available!

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Cat in space

"Houston: no signs of life"
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