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OOP (Course 2): Services, Dependency Injection and Containers

Unleash the power of objects in OOP! Learn new practices like dependency injection & using service containers.

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About this course

Time to take things up a notch!

In this Course, we'll leverage what we learned in Course 1 to really start using what we know. We'll clean up old functions with new classes, learn a practice called dependency injection and organize our objects into something called a container. This is the course that really makes objects useful and sets us up for future stuff (inheritance, interfaces, etc).

So let's get serious:

  • Service Classes
  • Organize with private functions
  • Goodbye arrays, hello BattleResult
  • Objects passed by Reference
  • Query from the Database, but using Objects!
  • Dependency Injection!!!
  • Creating a Service Container

Do it!

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when are you going to release ep 3? thx

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Hey! Our planned release is this month (Aug) - but we're still a few weeks away. There's a Notify button on http://knpuniversity.com/sc... you can use - and we'll email you when there are updates.


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Great job!

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