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Learn Symfony 5


Master the most advanced PHP Framework and open new possibilities

Courses in this Track

Symfony 5 Track Overview


  • Intermediate PHP experience & skills
  • Comfortable with object-oriented principles

After this track, what will my level be?

  • You'll know the basics of the Symfony framework from front-to-back
  • You'll be able to use all of Symfony's major pieces - Doctrine, forms, security, etc - to build real web applications
  • After the more advanced courses, you'll be able to dig into Symfony and deeper levels to accomplish custom tasks
  • Basically, you'll be real-world dangerous with Symfony :)

Track Summary

Ready to build something incredible? Of course! Ready to love the process and be proud of the code you write? Welcome to Symfony.

Whether you're building a full API, traditional web app, or a mix with a rich front-end, Symfony is the tool to get the job done. Symfony is lean & mean: starting tiny, then growing with you automatically. It embraces object-oriented best practices... with a touch of style to help you get your job done quickly, but without sacrificing quality.

In this track, we'll go from beginner to expert: touching on every part of Symfony and unlocking you to build whatever you can dream of.