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Contributing back to Symfony!

Become a Symfony contributor! Navigate its contribution ecosystem and learn how to run Symfony tests.

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About this course

The concepts in this tutorial work great for Symfony 5!

Ever wanted to contribute back to Symfony, but weren't sure where to start? I can't blame you! Symfony is a huge project with many ways to help and contributing back will help make you an even better developer... and even more popular with all your friends!

But... getting started... isn't always easy. In this tutorial, let's learn about the Symfony contribution ecosystem, and where you git in:

  • Organization of the Symfony issue tracker
  • Triaging pull requests
  • Triaging issues
  • Creating a bug reproducer
  • Creating a pull request
  • Running the Symfony tests
  • Symfony's branch merging workflow
  • Linking up your fork to a test project
  • Contributing to the docs

Ready for an adventure? Let's help build Symfony!

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Kribo avatar Kribo 5 years ago

Sounds cool

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Krzysztof K. avatar Krzysztof K. 5 years ago

seems that this course is not visible in main menu. I was unable to find it in any category.

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Hey Krzysztof K.

Thanks for informing us! We're going to fix it soon


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