Creating a Reusable (& Amazing) Symfony Bundle


What you'll be learning

Want to share some code between projects, or maybe with the whole world? Let's do it! By creating a Symfony bundle! In this tutorial, we'll learn about bundles, their super-powers, how to add services & routes and the best-practices to create the best bundle possible:

  • Anatomy of a Bundle
  • Bundles vs Libraries
  • Building a bundle inside your app
  • DependencyExtensions to add Services
  • Complex Service configuration: Definitions & compiler passes
  • Allowing config via a Configuration class
  • Private services
  • Routing & other Configuration
  • Creating a Recipe
  • Registering your bundle with Packagist
  • Handling Releases

Not only will you be able to create your own bundle, but we'll learn a lot along the way about how all bundles in the Symfony world work!

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