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Nov 6th, 2014

All About the All Access Subscription Pass

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Written by weaverryan, and Leannapelham

All About the All Access Subscription Pass

Introducing binge-watching and more frequent content:

The KnpU All Access Pass ... ooohhh ahhhh

It's been something I've been really excited to get for a while and it's finally here (or will be on Nov 17th). If you want to binge-view everything before a new project, that's great. Do it! Seriously, that would be impressive.

Offering a monthly and yearly all access pass is awesome because it frees us up to create more frequent tutorials that cover very specific PHP, Symfony and other development topics. In web-dev speak, we can deploy content early and often.

Start my All Access Pass

What you can expect

More frequent content! We are excited to keep creating frequent and specific tutorials for you. A few examples we've published recently include:

Coming up next is:

Episode 2 of REST in the Real World


A few questions you may have if you already own Tutorials from KnpU:

Q: Can I still buy tutorials individually?

Yes! You will still have the option to buy tutorials individually.

Q: What if I already own some tutorials? Do I get to keep access to them?

Yes! You will continue to have access to the content you have already purchased, just the same as before.

Q: Why should I get an all access pass?

Well, funny you should ask, tons of smaller tutorials will be added soon making the all access pass the easiest way to gain access.

Q: When can I start a subscription?

November 17th! Pricing

If you think of anything else, send a contact message, leave a comment or mail us a postcard.

Now, go build something amazing!

<3 Ryan


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Hello, is there any plans to create a tutorial with Angular JS in frontend and Symfony with RESTAPI in backend?

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Yea, I think we will soon. I'm already planning on doing a REST tutorial specifically in Symfony, and designing it to work well with Angular JS makes perfect sense. So yes! But late February at the earliest. I'll add an "upcoming" screencast soon with some dates.


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Great news! I'm looking forward!

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Default user avatar Jatinder Thind 5 years ago

What happens after one year subscription is over? I understand I won't have access to any new content from that point on wards. But what about existing tutorials? Will I still be able to access the tutorials I had already viewed?

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Hi Jatinder!

That's right - after your subscription ends, you won't have access to any existing tutorials. BUT, all the videos can be downloaded, and you're of course free to download anything that you think you might want to check out again later :).


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Default user avatar Davor B. 5 years ago

Nice! I like this a lot! I'll definitely buy subscription. Thanks for this.

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Default user avatar tacheshun 5 years ago

I think this is great! Thank you!

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Default user avatar Matthew 5 years ago

The price seems quite expensive for what's on offer, especially when you factor in other video tutorial sitesfor web dev like, and which have cheaper monthly rates and have more content. They also have a constant stream of new content for viewers every month. What will happen after the REST Part 2 tutorial is released, will any more content be available and on a regular to justify a monthly subscription?

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Hey Matthew!

Pricing is hard, of course :). But yes, we *will* be having a more constant stream, that was actually a big part of the reason we did this. When everything is 1-1.5 hours long, that takes a lot of effort to build. The subscription let's us create smaller pieces and release a lot more often (the steady stream). But of course, don't take my word for it - if you keep an eye on KnpU (or are on the mailing list), you'll see what happens over the next few months. Then you can decide - the new format is in its early stages. We'd also love to hear what else is/is not useful for people who are members - e.g. a forum (like Laracasts has done well), online coding, english sub-titles, etc.

And as always, the scripts+code for *every* tutorial are available online for free. It's a careful balance between having a company that can actually produce really great content for people and not locking things up :).


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Default user avatar chyzas 5 years ago

Can i cancel a subscription?

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Of course! :). Once you have a subscription, you'll have a spot in your account settings where you can cancel. You'll still have access to everything until the end of that month, but you won't get charged again.

And if you ever have any issues, just let us know.


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