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Learn OOP


Ready for object-oriented programming to be easy? Let's do that, and so much more.

Courses in this Track

OOP Track Overview


  • Comfortable with programming in PHP itself
  • Basic knowledge of working with a database

After this track, what will my level be?

  • You'll be ready to bring object-oriented coding into your projects immediately
  • You'll be able to comfortably apply all the OO basics, like creating classes, handling properties and methods, visibility and instantiating objects
  • Beyond just using classes, the idea of "dependency injection" will be clear, allowing you to code correctly from day 1, and things that will cause your code to become an un-maintainable mess
  • For organization, the idea of a "dependency injection container" will be clearing, allowing you to create many objects, but keep them organized
  • You'll feel comfortable applying more advanced ideas, like abstract classes and interfaces

Track Summary

I still remember when object-oriented code finally "clicked" for me - because it was a life-changing moment. Classes, objects, interfaces, methods: instead of scaring me, these became dangerous tools for my arsenal and uncovered a whole new world.

Yes, in this series we will make object-oriented code "click". But that's just the start: once you're speaking the language of objects and classes, we'll go further. What about interfaces and abstract classes? What do these mean? But more importantly: how can I use them to make my applications better and easier to maintain? What is dependency injection and how does it factor in?

Understanding the basics of OOP is just the beginning: it opens up a whole new world.