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Blog > 7 Free Screencasts for the Drupal 8 Party

7 Free Screencasts for the Drupal 8 Party

By weaverryan | Tech | Nov 17th 2015 |

7 Free Screencasts for the Drupal 8 Party

7 Free Screencasts for the Drupal 8 Party


tl;dr To celebrate Drupal 8, we've created a Drupal Track and made it free until Dec 25. Watch screencasts, practice with the coding challenges and spread the love!

Drupal 8 will finally be released on November 19th. From the Symfony perspective, this has been an amazing thing to watch full of brilliant people that have come into my life as a result. But that deserves its own post. The point is this: I'm exceedingly excited about Drupal 8, and I want you to be too.

The New Drupal 8 Tutorial Track

If you already know Drupal, then learning Drupal 8 really means learning new practices and paradigms that will ultimately make you a better developer, no matter what you do. And this is really cool stuff!

  • Object Oriented Coding
  • PHP Namespaces
  • Dependency Injection
  • Services and Service Containers
  • Routes & Controllers
  • Event Listeners
  • Twig

Instead of being scary, these topics should be exciting and accessible. That's why we added a brand new Drupal 8 Track.

And, we're making this entire track 100% free until December 25th, 2015.

That's 4 hours of video and over 50 coding challenges aimed to get you over the hump of the "new stuff" and back to work.

If you find this help, we will <3 you for telling your Drupal friends. What else do you want to see covered?