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Feb 7th, 2024

Live Stream #8: Live Component JavaScript Internals

Written by weaverryan

Live Stream #8: Live Component JavaScript Internals

In this week's live stream, we talk the new major Doctrine releases, the UX twig Icon pull request and then dive into the JavaScript internals of the LiveComponents package. This one gets nerdy and deep!

  • Good news & the new UX 2.14.1 version 1:30
  • Pull request for the icon package! 3:30
  • Monthly release structure for UX 9:30
  • The new Type component for Symfony 11:45
  • Turbo 8 is out! 15:00
  • Hello LiveComponents JavaScript 18:40
  • What happens when a component re-renders 30:30
  • Brainstorming: doing work when the props Stimulus value changes 50:33
  • Touring the Component object & plugins system 1:00:00


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