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Feb 14th, 2024

Live Stream #9: Turbo 8, Live Components & Challenges in Morphing

Written by weaverryan

Live Stream #9: Turbo 8, Live Components & Challenges in Morphing

In this week's live stream, we dive Turbo 8, view transitions, and "morphing": the key tech behind LiveComponents & a new feature in Turbo 8. We work on how to make our Stimulus controllers morph-ready, including the UX autocomplete controller.

  • Updates on the new video setup! :30
  • People are from everywhere! 2:30
  • Updates in Live Components JS Refactoring 4:00
  • What is morphing? 6:30
  • The Challenges with morphing 14:30
  • Upgrading to Turbo 8! 20:30
  • Whoops - fixing missing Turbo! 23:50
  • New Insta-click style Turbo 8 preloading 28:30
  • Activating View Transitions 30:20
  • Defining Turbo 8 "Page Refreshes" 32:40
  • Preserving the Page scroll 37:30
  • Activating Turbo 8 Morphing 40:50
  • Seeing how morphing breaks our page! 43:45
  • Using morph events in Stimulus 51:25
  • Playing with a "toggle" control that keeps state through a morph 1:05:00


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Gilles-g avatar Gilles-g 5 months ago


Another amazing video as always!

Did you notice that the Symfony toolbar disappears when you submit a form? Look at 53:50 in the video.

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Hey @Gilles-g!

Sorry for the slow reply. I see it! I think this is due to morphing - my guess is that the element holding the web debug toolbar is being morphed to empty... but then not being reinitialized. If I'm correct, I'll have to play with this at some point and see what needs to be done - we may need to tell Turbo to ignore that morph element :).


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