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Blog > Adding English Subtitles & Course Thumbnails

Adding English Subtitles & Course Thumbnails

By weaverryan | News | Jan 30th 2018 |

Adding English Subtitles & Course Thumbnails

to as many people as possible, including tech beginners, students and non-native English speakers. Because... great tech should be available to everyone!

We already include the script content and our magic code blocks below each video for free. But we also wanted to make the video itself more accessible and easier to understand.

English Subtitles / Captions

That's why all new videos now ship with English subtitles! Just hover over the video and find the [CC] button in the bottom right. Couldn't quite understand that word or phrase we just said? Just turn on the subtitles and keep going! The captions include all the correct technical words and formatting.

Video Thumbnails while Seeking

Have you ever tried to find an exact part of a video? To make that easier, we've also added video thumbnails that show up as you move the cursor over timeline. Look around, find the spot you need, and go!

I hope these little upgrades will make your life just a little bit more awesome here on KnpUniversity. Have other suggestions? Let us know!