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Dec 7th, 2020

Symfony World Videos are Available (but not here)

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Written by weaverryan, and MolloKhan

Symfony World Videos are Available (but not here)

The online Symfony World conference was a blast. Sure, it's even more fun to hang out in person, but with a huge set of great talks, it was a welcome experience for 2020.

If you're looking for the videos, good news! They're already available! And, each has high-quality captions. Booya!

But... they not available on SymfonyCasts. To be fair to everyone who bought tickets, the videos are being hosted on the conference website for ticket holders only. If you didn't attend, you can still buy a ticket and have full access to the replay.

So, here are the details, in mock interview form:

Hey Ryan! Where can I watch the conference videos?

Right here:

I didn't attend the conference... can I still watch the videos?

Yep! You can buy a conference ticket and get full access. As a bonus, this directly supports the Symfony team.

Did you wear shoes during your presentation?

Of course not! But, apart from that, I was wearing a full tuxedo... probably.



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