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May 21st, 2024

Kevin Bond (aka Zenstruck) joins SymfonyCasts

Written by weaverryan, and Leannapelham

Kevin Bond (aka Zenstruck) joins SymfonyCasts

I’m so excited to announce that Kevin Bond (aka zenstruck) is joining forces with us at SymfonyCasts as a head tutorial writer! This means tutorials created by Kevin in the SymfonyCasts style you know and love, starting with Symfony 7 Fundamentals. It also means the ability for us to make more content about more libraries and solutions around the Symfony ecosystem. AND, of course, Kevin can continue his work in the open source world.

If you’ve watched my tutorials, I bet you already know that I love pretty much any library created by Kevin Bond (i.e. everything under the zenstruck organization + much of Twig & Live Components + UX icons). He obsesses over how it looks and feels to use his libraries and has repeatedly taken a hard or ugly task in Symfony and made it easy and beautiful. Just look at Foundry (for data fixtures - including inside tests), zenstruck/browser (for functional tests) or a number of other libraries for testing emails, messenger or manipulating images.

In addition to his work on the Symfony core team, Kevin also writes terrific documentation that quickly & clearly explains his libraries: avoiding the big blocks of philosophical explanations or edge-case details that often appear right at the top of documentation and stop us before we get started. Like in our tutorials, we need action and results quickly so we can get momentum before we dive deeper.

I am just looking forward to all the stuff we’ll build together!


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Matheo-Daninos avatar Matheo-Daninos 1 month ago

This sounds like a Christmas gift!!!! 🧡

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Kevin on SymfonyCasts! It's simply incredible!

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Vince avatar Vince 1 month ago

Wow, great news for the community :D
welcome aboard

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Fabrice avatar Fabrice 24 days ago

Welcome Kevin!

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