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Apr 10th, 2024

Ryan has Incurable Brain Cancer - but SymfonyCasts is Strong

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Ryan has Incurable Brain Cancer - but SymfonyCasts is Strong

Hi friends!

I have some bad news. On March 11th I went to the emergency room after losing motor control of my left arm and leg. Doctors identified a 5cm tumor and removed most of it 2 days later. Since then, I've spent 3 weeks relearning how to use my left arm, type and walk.

Now for the really bad news. My tumor is called a glioblastoma. It's cancer, it's aggressive and it's incurable. It will kill me.

My road ahead is going to be painful and hopefully long. And we will need help. I'll need help. My wonderful wife Leanna and son Beckett will need help and your love.

Today, (April 10th), I'll undergo a 2nd brain surgery at Duke University. I'm lucky to be cared for by the absolute best brain tumor team in the world.

SymfonyCasts: Still Going Strong

First, yes: SymfonyCasts is healthy. We just finished releasing our 1st Symfony 7 course, and we're video recording the next, along with a new design pattern course. Our team is taking a more active role in the tutorials and I have plenty of time to train my replacements.

If you are in the Symfony community and are interested in teaching, I would love to hear from you - message me at

How Can I Help?

For our customers - we ❤️ you. The best way to help is to continue subscribing. This supports us financially and our wonderful team. If you are able to and want to support financially in another way, we also have a GoFundMe. Our amazing PHP community has shown up BIG for us. We are so grateful.

Thank you for the absolute outpouring of love and support. It makes SUCH a difference. Now let's kick some butt and steal some more years.


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xmontero avatar xmontero 28 days ago

Wow, shocked to hear that. I bought the SF+React course time ago and today I entered the symfonycasts site to re-check some concepts. Most important? The love and time for your kid Beckett. That's what he'll remember when he grows. The rest (absolutely all the rest) is secondary with respect Beckett. Keep smiling to him!

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Ryan, prayers out to you and your family!! Stay strong!!!

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Hola Ryan!! heeyy mucha fuerza para recuperar tu salud y continuar adelante!,Gracias por ser un excelente Docente!, y también por tener a tu lado un Equipo Genial del cual aprendo y hacen que ame cada vez mas Programar!. Abrazo! Aguante SymfonyCast desde Argentina!.

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Ryan, You are one of my computer world heroes because of your unique way of teaching.

Please fight as hard as you can because there wont be a replacement for you.

With ❤️

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Prayers out to you and your family!!

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Gracias a ti y a tu equipo avance en Sf y PHP en general. Gracias a SymfonyCasts conseguí trabajos y cree proyectos propios. Te tendré en mis oraciones y a tu familia también. Fuerza desde Mendoza.

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Ryan, thank you for everything, your lessons have had a big impact on my career as a developer.

I wish you and your family all the best, you'll win this fight.

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Fedale avatar Fedale 1 month ago

You are super strong, too!

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❤ 🤍

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