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Wonderful World of Composer

Dive into the world of Composer! Learn to install external libraries, handle autoloading, and manage dependencies for your PHP projects.

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About this course

Welcome to the wonderful world of Composer - the Dependency Manager for PHP!

In this Screencast, you'll learn how to install and configure Composer and use it to integrate third-party libraries into any PHP project (even something like Wordpress!). This includes:

  • How Composer makes sharing awesome again
  • Downloading the composer.phar file
  • Creating the composer.json file
  • Installing the external libraries
  • Handling autoloading
  • Understanding the composer.lock file
  • The update versus install command
  • The require command
  • Storing in version control

Let's go!

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Default user avatar Utilisateur 6 years ago

Great video. I was always confused by the behavior of composer install and composer update. Thanks!

2 | Reply |
Default user avatar Thomas Beauvais 6 years ago

Great job! This is an excellent place for anyone to start! Thanks!

1 | Reply |
Default user avatar kendoctor 6 years ago

very appreciated. you're a amzaing guy.

1 | Reply |
Default user avatar Matthew Weier O'Phinney 6 years ago

I'll be linking folks to this regularly when they have questions on Composer -- really nice work!

1 | Reply |

Thanks so much Matthew, this means a lot coming from you :)

| Reply |
Edison V. avatar Edison V. 6 years ago

Great Job, I´m planning following all your Symfony2 tutorials!
Although I have a question:
WHere does lives the "list_files.module" file... ? I´ve searched through all the drupal directories and files and Couldn´t find it :)

| Reply |

Hey Edison!

Oh man, *great* question! I realize that I didn't put very good comments on that file in the script :). I've just made some changes to show you were this is (https://github.com/knpunive... - you should already see these deployed! Basically, I'm putting things into a custom module called `list_files` that I already created and enabled before the tutorial.

I hope that helps! And good luck with the tutorials - ping me if you need anything!


1 | Reply |
Default user avatar Tanvir Ahmad 6 years ago

This is really good stuff for beginners. Thanks

| Reply |
Default user avatar Rachel 6 years ago

Confused noob here. I installed composer on my local machine but I cannot figure out how to install it on my web server. I do not have curl. Can anyone help? I'm trying to use a MailChimp plugin that requires composer

| Reply |

Hey Rachel!

No worries :) - you have 2 options:

1) The second code block on the download page - https://getcomposer.org/dow... - shows an option that *doesn't* use curl. This may work for you!

2) Since composer is just a single file (composer.phar), you can just upload this to your web server. You could even commit it to your version control repository - It's generally not considered a best practice, but it's no big deal.

Good luck!

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Default user avatar Daniel 6 years ago

This is the best guide of composer in the web

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Default user avatar Yannick ANSQUER 6 years ago

Very helpful tutorial. Nice job !

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Default user avatar SymfonyMexico 6 years ago

Great video

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Default user avatar Ivo Lukač 6 years ago

Great stuff!

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