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Nov 30th, 2023

30 Days of LAST Stack Tutorial Free until Jan 15th

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Written by weaverryan

30 Days of LAST Stack Tutorial Free until Jan 15th

I haven't been this excited about the web in a long time. Layers of complexity that we learned to live with - Node, Webpack, Babel, combining files, giant frontend libraries - are being replaced. The new paradigm is simpler, just as powerful and incredibly fun to use.

To celebrate the release of Symfony 7 & a stable Asset Mapper, we're launching a 30 Days of LAST Stack tutorial. It starts December 1 and will run until the end of the year. Each day, we'll release a new video that will tackle real problems that you face every day: modals, toast notifications, AJAX everywhere, dynamic forms, data tables and more.

And, it's all free until January 15th! So tell your friends, spread the front-end goodness & love your stack in 2024.


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Ihtisham avatar Ihtisham 2 months ago

Ryan ... You are awesome ... :-*

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Mustafa-K avatar Mustafa-K 1 month ago

Hi how are you

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Hey Mustafa,

Happy New Year! SymfonyCasts team is back to work again :)

If you're just testing our comments system - well, it works :)


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Mustafa-K avatar Mustafa-K Victor 1 month ago

yes we Yes, we will work

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I have been looking forward to this series since I saw its initial announcement!

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Me too! :D

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