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Yep, we're combining multiple files into one. That's pretty cool. But our main.css has an embarrassing amount of whitespace. Gross. Let's minify this.

Another plugin to the rescue! This one is called gulp-minify-css. And yea, there are a lot of plugins that can minify CSS. But this is a good one, and it's a superfriend with the sourcemaps plugin. They've even given us a nice install line, so I'll copy that, stop my watch task, and get it downloading:

npm install --save-dev gulp-minify-css

Next, go steal the require line and paste it on top:

27 lines | gulpfile.js
var gulp = require('gulp');
// ... lines 2 - 27

Oh, and let's put a var before that.

And once again, we're going to use the trusty pipe() function to push things through minifyCSS():

27 lines | gulpfile.js
// ... lines 1 - 12
// ... lines 14 - 15
// ... lines 21 - 27

This is looking really nice. Oh, and most of these functions - like minifyCSS() or sass() do take some options. So if you need to customize how things are minified, you can totally do that.

Ok, go back and run gulp!


And now main.css is a single line. BUT, through the power of sourcemaps, we still get the correct styles.scss line in the inspector.