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JavaScript for PHP Geeks: ES6/ES2015 (New JavaScript)


What you'll be learning

This tutorial uses Symfony 3. But, since this is a JavaScript tutorial, all the concepts work fine in newer versions of Symfony.
// composer.json
    "require": {
        "php": "^7.2.0",
        "symfony/symfony": "3.2.*", // v3.2.14
        "twig/twig": "2.10.*", // v2.10.0
        "doctrine/orm": "^2.5", // v2.7.1
        "doctrine/doctrine-bundle": "^1.6", // 1.10.3
        "doctrine/doctrine-cache-bundle": "^1.2", // 1.3.2
        "symfony/swiftmailer-bundle": "^2.3", // v2.4.2
        "symfony/monolog-bundle": "^2.8", // v2.12.1
        "symfony/polyfill-apcu": "^1.0", // v1.3.0
        "sensio/distribution-bundle": "^5.0", // v5.0.22
        "sensio/framework-extra-bundle": "^3.0.2", // v3.0.19
        "incenteev/composer-parameter-handler": "^2.0", // v2.1.2
        "friendsofsymfony/user-bundle": "~2.0@dev", // dev-master
        "doctrine/doctrine-fixtures-bundle": "~2.3", // v2.4.1
        "doctrine/doctrine-migrations-bundle": "^1.2", // v1.2.1
        "composer/package-versions-deprecated": "^1.11", // 1.11.99
        "friendsofsymfony/jsrouting-bundle": "^1.6" // 1.6.0
    "require-dev": {
        "sensio/generator-bundle": "^3.0", // v3.1.2
        "symfony/phpunit-bridge": "^3.0" // v3.2.2

Guess what? JavaScript has evolved, in a big way. Did you know a new major version of JavaScript was released... in 2015!? Yep, and it's packed with so many new features and syntaxes, when you see code written in "new" JavaScript, it can be barely recognizable at first. But these new features are taking over the web. Let's embrace them!

  • Babel! Because you need to compile new JavaScript
  • ES6/ECMAScript2015/Harmony: Good things have many names
  • New Object-Oriented Classes!!?
  • The mysterious (amazing) new "arrow" callback syntax
  • The ...spread Operator
  • Object.assign
  • var, let and const
  • Object literal shorthand
  • Computed Property Names
  • Default function argument values
  • Destructuring Assignment

let yourSkills = (currentSkills) => currentSkills + 1000;

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Default user avatar
Default user avatar Shiraats | posted 5 years ago

Thanks for all the great tuts. Just wanted to know when you guys will be starting the ES6 course. Really looking forward to it

1 Reply

Hey Shiraats,

We're working on it right now, I think first releases will be at the end of Feb, begin of March. Anyways, this course is the first one in our release schedule ;)


Francisco P. Avatar
Francisco P. Avatar Francisco P. | posted 5 years ago

it would be great to have the total time of the course in the course page


Hey Francisco P.!

Yea... I agree! We have this buried in our admin section, and even I go looking for it. We're on it!


Miloud B. Avatar
Miloud B. Avatar Miloud B. | posted 5 years ago

do you think that we have to read the first course "JavaScript for PHP Geeks" before this one ES6 to understand ?
Thanks !


Hey Miloud

Watching it first can totally help you understanding easier what's going on, specially because this course is a continuation, but, if you are already familiar with JS, then is not actually required


Miloud B. Avatar
Miloud B. Avatar Miloud B. | MolloKhan | posted 5 years ago | edited

Okay, thanks MolloKhan


Default user avatar
Default user avatar garfieldmypet | posted 5 years ago

Hi, there,

Is this course still in plan? Hopefully you will let me know.



Absolutely! We'll release the "JavaScript for PHP Geeks" first (https://knpuniversity.com/t... and then move down to this tutorial and keep going after that on the others :). There's no release date yet, but the first tutorial will start coming out this week or next.


1 Reply
Default user avatar
Default user avatar garfieldmypet | weaverryan | posted 5 years ago

That is excellent! Thank you so much for letting me know!

Default user avatar
Default user avatar garfieldmypet | weaverryan | posted 5 years ago

Hi, there,

I know this might be not relevant to this series of tutorial. However, your video is so excellent that I have to ask this. Will you consider doing a new series of tutorial about Mobile Programming such as Android Programming? I am really interested to learn Android and yet there aren't any good video tutorials out there that is good.


Haha, well THANK you - that's a huge compliment :D. Unfortunately, mobile dev is probably a bit too far outside of our area to make a screencast. MAYBE sometime in the future we'll expand more, but probably not soon enough to help you on this one topic.


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