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OOP (course 4): Static methods, Namespaces, Exceptions & Traits! Woh!


What you'll be learning

Finally, we can really unload and see all the cool OOP stuff that we haven't covered yet. These are the last missing pieces that are standing between you and understanding any OO code you meet.

  • Static methods
  • Class constants
  • Namespaces
  • Autoloading (RIP require statements)
  • __toString & the other magic functions
  • Treat that $object[1] like an array (ArrayAccess)
  • Throwing and catching a baseball Exceptions
  • Traits! Horizontal code re-use
  • Composition Versus Inheritance: Dressing your classes for success

Finally, you're going to start to see some serious pay-off from these new, crazy OO skills you've got. In this tutorial, OO is here to impress us. Dig in.

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