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Variables and parameters.yml

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How could we handle sensitive variables - like a database password? Well, committing them to our playbook is probably not a good idea. Nope, we need something better!

Organizing Vars into a File

First, let's reorganize a little bit! Create a new vars/ directory with a vars.yml file inside. Now, copy all of the variables, add the ---, paste them here, and - you know the drill - un-indent them:

symfony_root_dir: /var/www/project
symfony_web_dir: "{{ symfony_root_dir }}/web"
symfony_var_dir: "{{ symfony_root_dir }}/var"
symfony_console_path: "{{ symfony_root_dir }}/bin/console"

Ansible gives us a way to import variables from a file... called vars_files. Point it to ./vars/vars.yml:

- hosts: vb
- ./vars/vars.yml
... lines 6 - 170

Cool! Believe it or not, we're one step closer to being able to handle sensitive configuration.

Adding the secret Variable

In your VM move to /var/www/project:

cd /var/www/project

I want to look at the app/config/parameters.yml file:

cat app/config/parameters.yml

This file holds config for the Symfony project, like the database password. Notice one is called secret. This is supposed to be a unique string that's used for creating some random strings. Right now ours is... not so secret: that's the default value from Symfony.

Let's set this for real! In the vars.yml file, create a new variable: symfony_secret set to udderly secret $tring:

... lines 2 - 5
symfony_secret: "udderly secret $tring"

Now, in symfony-bootstrap.yml, we can use that variable to modify parameters.yml. Create a new task: "Set Symfony secret in parameters.yml". Use our favorite lineinfile module with dest set to {{ symfony_root_dir }} - that's a variable from our vars file - {{ symfony_root_dir }}/app/config/parameters.yml:

... lines 2 - 20
- name: Set Symfony secret in parameters.yml
dest: "{{ symfony_root_dir }}/app/config/parameters.yml"
... lines 24 - 58

For regexp, use ^ secret:. Yep, we're looking for 4 spaces then secret:. For line, 4 spaces again then secret: {{ symfony_secret }}:

... lines 2 - 20
- name: Set Symfony secret in parameters.yml
dest: "{{ symfony_root_dir }}/app/config/parameters.yml"
regexp: "^ secret:"
line: " secret: {{ symfony_secret }}"
- deploy
... lines 28 - 58

Don't forget to give this the deploy tag!

This will work... but don't even try it! Nope, we need to go further: having sensitive keys committed to my vars.yml file is not a good solution. We need the vault.

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Default user avatar daskifjraewiofj | posted 2 years ago | edited

Better replacement, this will work regardless of identation and even preserve it:

- name: Set Symfony secret in parameters.yml
    dest: "{{ symfony_root_dir }}/app/config/parameters.yml"
    regexp: '^(\s+)secret:'
    line: '\1secret: {{ symfony_secret }}'
    backrefs: true
    - deploy```

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Hey Daskifjraewiofj,

Oh, nice! Thanks for sharing this with others! I wonder, how is that \1 called? Any links to the docs where you found this example? Sounds really cool :)


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