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We can do a lot via config... but eventually... we're going to need to really dig in. And that will probably mean overriding the templates used by the bundle.

Exploring the Templates

First, let's go look at those templates! Open vendor/javiereguiluz/easyadmin-bundle/Resources/views/default. Ah, ha! These are the many templates used to render every single part of our admin. We can override any of these. But even better! We can override any of these for specific entities: using different customized templates for different sections. Or even... different templates to control how individual fields render.

Check out layout.html.twig... this is the full admin page layout. It's awesome because it's filled with blocks. So instead of completely replacing the layout, you could extend this and override only the blocks you need. We won't do that for the layout, but we will for list.html.twig.

This is responsible for the list view we've been working on. And not surprisingly, there are also new, show and edit templates.

But most of the templates start with field_... interesting. Remember how each field on the list page has a "data type"? We saw this in the EasyAdminBundle configuration. The "data type" is used to determine which template should render the data in that column. firstDiscoveredAt is a date type... and hey! It has a template option that defaults to field_date.html.twig. And by opening that template, you can see how the date type is rendered.

How to Override Templates

Ok, let's finally override some stuff! How!? On the same List, Search and Show Views Configuration page, near the bottom, you'll see an "Advanced Design Configuration" section. There are a bunch of different ways to override a template... ah... too many options! Let's simplify: (A) you can override a template via configuration - which are options 1 and 2 - or (B) by putting a file in an easy_admin directory - options 3 and 4. We'll try both.

Ok, first challenge! I want to override the way the id field is rendered for Genus: add a little key icon next to the number... ya know, because it's the primary key.

This means we need to override the field_id.html.twig template, because id is actually a data type. Copy field_id.html.twig. Then, in app/Resources/views, I already have an admin directory. So inside that, create a new fields directory and paste the file there, as _id.html.twig. Now, add the icon: fa fa-key:

<i class="fa fa-key"></i> {{ value }}

Cool! I put the file here... just because I already have an admin directory. But EasyAdminBundle doesn't automagically know it's there. Nope, we need to tell it. In config.yml, to use this only for Genus, add a templates key, then field_id - the name of the original template - set to admin/fields/_id.html.twig:

... lines 1 - 80
... lines 82 - 89
... lines 92 - 110
field_id: 'admin/fields/_id.html.twig'
... lines 113 - 115

Try that! Yes! It is using our template... and only in the Genus section. But this key thing is pretty excellent, so we should use it everywhere. Copy the templates config and comment it out:

... lines 1 - 80
... lines 82 - 91
... lines 94 - 112
# templates:
# field_id: 'admin/fields/_id.html.twig'
... lines 115 - 117

Just like with almost anything, we can also control the template globally: paste this under design:

... lines 1 - 80
... line 82
... lines 84 - 86
field_id: 'admin/fields/_id.html.twig'
... lines 89 - 117

Now the key icon shows up everywhere.

Next, I want to override something bigger: the entire list template. And we'll use a different convention to do that.

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I'm trying to find a way to apply the same principle but this time for the EDIT / NEW view, I tried to put a 'template' option but it does not work, so I am forced to inherit the entire editing template ... and after modifying the {{form (form.element, {'attr'}}? is there a way or I could apply a specific template just for a property well determined.

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Hey @Floren

What error did you get?
You can define your own templates by following this config:

                show: 'path/to/template.html.twig'


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Abdelaziz M. Avatar
Abdelaziz M. Avatar Abdelaziz M. | posted 5 years ago

hello everyone:

I have this error:

Unknown "filter_admin_actions" filter.

what that means?


Hi Aziz,

This is our custom Twig filter we created on this page: https://knpuniversity.com/s... . In order to be able to use it - you need to create it first as we do in that screencast.


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This tutorial is built on an older version of Symfony & EasyAdminBundle. Many of the concepts are the same, but you can expect major differences in newer versions.

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