Mapping a Layout to Contentful Pages


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The Contentful integration we just installed added two things to our site. First, it added a Layouts integration: new value types, query types, etc so that we can select our Contentful content in list and grid blocks. Second, it added the ability for every piece of content on Contentful to have its own URL and page on our site. The second part has nothing to do with Layouts.

A minute ago, we used this handy dandy contentful:routes command to see that there should now be a page at the URL /mashing. When we went there, it didn't give us a 404 error, but it didn't exactly work. The page is nearly empty.

Debugging How the Dynamic Contentful Pages Work

Let's see what's going on. Click the Twig icon in the web debug toolbar to find out what templates are being rendered. Let's see here... if we go down a bit... it apparently renders @NetgenLayoutsContentful/contentful/content.html.twig. That must be the template for this page! Let's go check it out.

I'll hit Shift+Shift and search for content.html.twig: we want the one from layouts-contentful. And... cool! This is the template that's rendering that page. It prints content.name... but we never actually see that. Ah, that's because it renders it into a block called content. This eventually extends base.html.twig... and since our base template never renders block content, we see nothing. Again, this part of Contentful where you get a URL that renders a controller, that then renders this template... has nothing to do with Layouts. It's just a nice way to expose every piece of Contentful content as a page on our site.

So, unrelated to Layouts, if we wanted to, we could override this template in our app and customize it to work. We could change it to use block body and leverage this content variable, which represents the piece of content, to render all of the different fields.

But... hold on a second. Isn't that the whole point of Layouts? Layouts lets us build pages dynamically, instead of writing them entirely in Twig. Right now, this page is not linked to a layout. But if we did link it, we could start building the page using data from the matching Contentful Skill, in this case, from the "Mashing" Skill.

Mapping a Layout to the Dynamic Page

Head over to our admin section, publish that layout, and then create a new layout. I'll call it "Individual Skill Layout"... and choose "Layout 2". Eventually, we'll make this look more like "Layout 5"... but we can do that later via the column blocks. That's one of the reasons why I really like "Layout 2": it's simple enough, and we can make it more complex later with the tools we already have.

Okay, start like normal. Close the web debug toolbar so we can link the header to the shared header... and our footer to the shared footer. Awesome. Then, just to get rolling, add a Title block, type something... then publish the layout.

Mapping a Layout to Contentful Entries

Next, we need to map this layout to that page. So far, we've mapped layouts either by the route name or the URL, also known as the "Path info". We could do that again here. But, as you'll see, what we really want to do is use this layout for all Skills pages. In a few minutes, we're going change the URL for these page from something like /mashing to /skills/mashing. When we do that (let me add a new mapping here and hit details), we could then use the "Path info prefix" to map this layout to any URL that starts with /skills/.

But, one thing that can be added to Layouts is another way to map or resolve which layout should be used on which page. And, yea! The Contentful bundle added two new ones: Contentful Entry and Contentful Space. When we go to one of these Contentful pages, the dynamic route tells Symfony which Contentful Entry - that's the individual piece of content on Contentful - and which Contentful Space that this page maps to.

Thanks to this, we can leverage one of these new targets to match the entry or space. For example, we could use Contentful Entry to map a specific layout to a specific item on Contentful. Literally, we could say:

If the current Content is specifically this "Mashing" skill, then use this layout.

Or, we could do what I'm going to do: map via the Contentful Space. We only have one Space, so it's pretty easy. Basically, we're saying:

If we are on any dynamic Contentful page, I want you to map to this layout.

Let's save this... then link this layout to the "Individual Skill Layout". Hit "Confirm" and... good! Head over, refresh and... it works! Yes!

Mapping to a Specific Content Type

As I mentioned earlier, we actually have two types of content in Contentful: Skills and Advertisements. Advertisements aren't meant to have their own page - only skills are. We're going to embed advertisements onto some existing pages a bit later.

Head back to the layout linking details. In addition to the Contentful Space, we can go down here to a list of conditions and select "Contentful content types". Conditions are a way to make your matching more specific. Add that condition. And, this is a bit hard to see, but we can select "Skill" or "Advertisement". Select "Skill", save changes, and... sweet! Now this will only match if we go to a Contentful URL that is rendering a skill.

At the command line, you can see that we do have one advertisement... it's this funny-looking URL. Yes, right now, the advertisement is available as a page on our site. We'll fix that in a few minutes. But, at the very least, if we went to that weird URL, the page would work... but wouldn't match any layout thanks to our mapping. So, it would basically be blank.

So we now have control over Contentful pages. Cool! Though... all we're rendering is a manual title. Snooze.

Next: Let's make our layout smarter by rendering real content from the matching skill.