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We can now add a lot of dynamic content to our site, like these static blocks up here, or grids and lists. And those grids and lists can hold items from content full or our recipe entity. But to really make our site shine and be ours, we need some flexibility over how pieces on the site render. Let's start simple by overriding the template that renders one of these blocks for the entire app. Let's over at the template for the title block. So first, what template currently renders the title block? Well, an easy way to find out is to go to a page that renders one of the title blocks, refresh and go into the twig web debug, toolbar. Cause down at the bottom, you can kind of see the whole tree here. And if you look closely, you can eventually see down here. Here we go. Look it. Apparently there's a block title that html, that twig. Cool. Also, layouts itself has a really nice web DBU to a bar section. And if you go to render blocks, you can see block definition, title, text list, footer. And in this case, the title is rendered by as we saw, title dot h channel dot twig. So notice that this template and really almost all, all these templates live in a directory

Called themes. And then standard. So layouts has a concept of themes. Though we won't need to create multiple themes unless you were building some sort of multi-site application. We are gonna just use the one built-in theme called standard. But themes are still important because anything inside of a theme can be overridden really easily. By putting a template in just the right spot, we're gonna use that convention to override the title template. So here's how it goes. Since this lives in First in the templates directory, make sure you have an NG layouts directory. And inside of there a directory called themes, and then a sub directory called standard. So you can see here we're kind of matching the structure that's over here, Angie Layouts themes standard. Now inside of there, since this is called block slash title html twig, if we create that same path in our directory, our title dot HTL twig will win. So in other words, create a direct new directory called block and a new file on that called title dot html dot twig. And just start. See if it works. We'll just write some dummy text in there. All right, let's try it. Let's go back to our skills page refresh, and absolutely nothing happens. First time we create that themes directory,

You need to clear your cash. Now that we've done that, woohoo, we are taking control of the title. Okay, So maybe we wanna customize the title, but we don't wanna start from scratch. We want to reuse some of the core logic. So let's actually open up. I'll hit shift, Shift and go title that html, that twig and include non-project items. Let's open the one from the core one, NNG layouts theme. So if there's actually quite a lot going on here, notice it extends a template called Block dot htm. That twig that's in this same directory, actually that's in one.


We open block that HTML twig. Here we go. This contains a lot of base functionality like reading the dynamic like CSS class, stuff that we may have set on it and handling if there's a container or not on there. So this has some good stuff. And then title, it also handles whether the title is a link and some other items. So we can totally replace this if we want to. But instead, I'm going to copy the core template, hasted into mine. And then just, I don't really need to change anything here, but just to prove that I can, Let's remove that title Class's. Now, when we go over and refresh, it goes back to how it looked before,


Down here, there is no longer a class title on the H one. So the simplest way to control how something looks is just to find the template that renders that and override it completely. Using this themes directory structure. Let's do that next. To customize what it looks like when you render an asset field from content full, like this image field or running from content full on the skill page.

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// composer.json
    "require": {
        "php": ">=8.0.0",
        "ext-ctype": "*",
        "ext-iconv": "*",
        "babdev/pagerfanta-bundle": "^3.7", // v3.7.0
        "doctrine/doctrine-bundle": "^2.7", // 2.7.0
        "doctrine/doctrine-migrations-bundle": "^3.2", // 3.2.2
        "doctrine/orm": "^2.13", // 2.13.3
        "easycorp/easyadmin-bundle": "^4.4", // v4.4.1
        "netgen/layouts-contentful": "^1.3", // 1.3.2
        "netgen/layouts-standard": "^1.3", // 1.3.1
        "pagerfanta/doctrine-orm-adapter": "^3.6",
        "sensio/framework-extra-bundle": "^6.2", // v6.2.8
        "stof/doctrine-extensions-bundle": "^1.7", // v1.7.0
        "symfony/console": "5.4.*", // v5.4.14
        "symfony/dotenv": "5.4.*", // v5.4.5
        "symfony/flex": "^1.17|^2", // v2.2.3
        "symfony/framework-bundle": "5.4.*", // v5.4.14
        "symfony/monolog-bundle": "^3.0", // v3.8.0
        "symfony/proxy-manager-bridge": "5.4.*", // v5.4.6
        "symfony/runtime": "5.4.*", // v5.4.11
        "symfony/security-bundle": "5.4.*", // v5.4.11
        "symfony/twig-bundle": "5.4.*", // v5.4.8
        "symfony/ux-live-component": "^2.x-dev", // 2.x-dev
        "symfony/ux-twig-component": "^2.x-dev", // 2.x-dev
        "symfony/validator": "5.4.*", // v5.4.14
        "symfony/webpack-encore-bundle": "^1.15", // v1.16.0
        "symfony/yaml": "5.4.*", // v5.4.14
        "twig/extra-bundle": "^2.12|^3.0", // v3.4.0
        "twig/twig": "^2.12|^3.0" // v3.4.3
    "require-dev": {
        "doctrine/doctrine-fixtures-bundle": "^3.4", // 3.4.2
        "symfony/debug-bundle": "5.4.*", // v5.4.11
        "symfony/maker-bundle": "^1.47", // v1.47.0
        "symfony/stopwatch": "5.4.*", // v5.4.13
        "symfony/web-profiler-bundle": "5.4.*", // v5.4.14
        "zenstruck/foundry": "^1.22" // v1.22.1