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What's new in Symfony 2.2 + ESI Fragments Bonus

Upgrade your Symfony skills with our 2.2 tutorial, covering everything from new console commands to the ESI fragments framework.

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Symfony 2.2 is out and wonderful! If you're thinking about upgrading, there are a few important changes to be aware of and a bunch of great new features.

In this screencast, we'll talk about how to upgrade, things to watch out for, and some new features. We dive a bit deeper into caching and ESI in Symfony by exploring the new fragments framework (formerly sub-requests). If you've been thinking about caching or are confused by the new changes, this is for you!


* The new fragments framework, ESI, the `ProxyListener`, trusted proxies
* Host Routing
* New tools inside the console commands
* Upgrading to Symfony3!!??


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Default user avatar gggeek 6 years ago

Nice info!

What if I have a reverse proxy in front of the app which does load balancing and ssl terminating, but no ESI. In that case is it recommended to set trusted_proxies as well, or not?

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Yes! Otherwise you'll get the wrong IP address for things like $request->getClientIp() and a few other things. ESI is only one reason that you need to trust your proxies. Great question.


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To tell the whole truth, I always found the docs for trusted_proxies to be a bit lacking, and the name in itself not too explicit either...

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