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There have been a lot of other wonderful changes as well, and fortunately, there are a lot of great places to learn about them.

New in Symfony 2.2 Blog Series

First, Fabien did a fantastic job with a series of blog posts called What’s new in Symfony 2.2, which you can find by looking back at December 2012 and January and February of 2013. One of my favorites is the new Stopwatch component, which let’s you add your own events that live in the timeline. Actually, this was possible in Symfony 2.1, but now the code is a component and available for anyone to use.

Tracking Changes: CHANGELOG, UPGRADE

For other changes, check out the CHANGELOG and UPGRADE files on the Symfony repository itself. The CHANGELOG contains updates between minor releases, and eventually will get quite long. So pour a pint and treat yourself to an exciting read. And actually, each individual component and bundle also has its own CHANGELOG. To see what’s new in the HttpFoundation component, look right inside of it.

That’s it! Symfony 2.2 is a great new release with more features and minor backwards compatibility breaks. If you’re still relatively new to Symfony, check out our Starting in Symfony2 series and then start coding!

See ya next time!