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Woh! 2.2 is here!

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So, we heard you like Symfony, so we’re showing you how to put more Symfony in your Symfony! Now that 2.2 has been released, we wanted to take some time to show you how to upgrade and highlight a few of our favorite features. We’ll be upgrading our 2.1 events project from part 1 of our Getting Starting in Symfony2 series and experimenting with a few new features, like the new fragments framework, caching, routing changes, console command goodies and more. We’ll be using this test page which has an inner box that uses Symfony’s render and gets its content by executing another controller.

The “Big Picture” of Symfony 2.2

Symfony 2.2 is special for a few reasons. First, it breaks very minimal backwards compatibility. This means that you should be able to upgrade your project without throwing your laptop out the window. Second, it was the first release as part of Symfony’s new process: 1 release every six months, with time for features to mature, documentation to be updated, and bugs to be fixed. If you love when upgrades cause your application to blow up on production, then this will be a boring release for you. If you want some great new features, then stay tuned.