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How to Upgrade to Symfony 2.8

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Confused by the First Paragraph? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7zNY0I5JNI

The Symfony Demo: example app: a project barely alive... on Symfony 2.7. Ladies and gentlemen, we can rebuild it, we have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first Symfony 3 app. Better than it was before, stronger, faster, the 3.0 version demo app. This series is all about upgrading to Symfony 3.

Of course, the first step is actually to upgrade to Symfony 2.8. No wait! That's really cool too: because it'll give us all of the features of Symfony 3.

To get to 2.8, open the composer.json file, find the symfony/symfony line and set it to 2.8. At recording, Symfony 2.8 wasn't released yet so I'll set this to 2.8.*@BETA:

62 lines | composer.json
// ... lines 1 - 8
"require": {
// ... lines 10 - 26
"symfony/symfony" : "2.8.*@BETA",
// ... line 28
// ... lines 30 - 62

But you - person-living-in-the-future - you should set it to 2.8.*.

Head over to the terminal and run:

composer update symfony/symfony --with-dependencies

This will download 2.8 and update any other libraries that Symfony depends on.

Yes yes, I realize that we're ignoring potential updates of all of these other bundles and libraries. But focus! Upgrade Symfony first, and then upgrade other libraries when you want to.

Changes in 2.8 (Deprecations)

Since we're just upgrading from Symfony 2.7 to 2.8, there shouldn't be any backwards compatibility breaks... though one usually sneaks in... usually with forms. While Composer is dialing out to Jordi, switch to the browser, and head to http://github.com/symfony/symfony to check out the upgrade log for 2.8 to see what has changed.

This describes things that were deprecated. Translation: these are things you'll need to upgrade before heading to 3.0... but you can safely ignore them for now. I've already covered some of these in our tutorial on What's new in Symfony 3. For example, the new way you create form types has changed quite a lot. But this isn't our concern quite yet.

Head back to the terminal to check on our update. Cool it's done! Scroll up to see that it updated to Symfony 2.8 Beta 1, and grabbed a whole bunch of other library updates related to this.

Go over to the browser and refresh our localhost homepage. That's it! We've now got the new web debug toolbar at the bottom: ooo pretty. That's your sign that you are now upgraded to 2.8!

That is the easiest step in this process... and it's also the most important because Symfony 2.8 has all the features of 3.0. So yea, woo! Next we'll upgrade to the new, fancy, Symfony 3 directory structure.