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Adding Event Sourcing to an existing PHP project (for the right reasons) (Alessandro Lai)

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SymfonyCon 2019 Amsterdam presentation by Alessandro Lai.

Talk slides

"Event Sourcing", along with "CQRS", have recently become trending terms, and now there is so much theory, blog posts and talks about them.

However, most of these deal with the problem starting from an utopian assumption: having to write a project from scratch, but at the same time with a high domain complexity right from the start, enough to justify the use of a complex technique like event sourcing and CQRS, which carry a fair amount of inherent complexity. But the reality greatly differs: projects are born from small and simple prototypes, and they accumulate complexity only with time, growth and evolution of specifications and features.

This talk is a case history in which I will tell you (with little theory and a lot of practical examples) how we decided to add event sourcing to an already existing project (without eradicating the rest or rewriting it), to solve a specific problem (reporting and its history) for which this methodology proved to be the perfect solution.

Transcript & caption for the talk will be added soon.