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Mental Health in the Workplace (Stefan Koopmanschap)

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SymfonyCon 2019 Amsterdam presentation by Stefan Koopmanschap.

Talk slides

Mental health is an important part of life, yet mental illness is big. Perhaps bigger than you might think when looking around you. In this talk, you'll be introduced to some basics on mental health and mental illness, and given some tips and handholds on how to handle mental illness on the work floor.

Transcript & caption for the talk will be added soon.

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Musa H. Avatar
Musa H. Avatar Musa H. | posted 2 years ago

I love this talk and really find its absence in some places I worked before. What I really find it helpful for the employees, is One-on-One's a lead, manager, director, CEO, CTO, etc can hold with employees on regular basis in such a way the employees talk and problem (not only tech related ones) to be the center of the talks. I have noticed it can avoid burouts, depressions and also possibly prevent resignations for those reasons, so it will be a two sided win for both the employees and for the business, after all they do not want to loose their great employees

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skoop Avatar

Glad you liked the talk. And yes, one-on-one's can be really useful, but for it to be useful the environment needs to be safe to talk about such things. Unfortunately in quite a few companies I've noticed that the environment does not feel safe enough to mention such things.

Thanks for your comment!

Musa H. Avatar

Anytime! And I do agree with the environment needs to be ready for it

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