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All right. So first when we click it,

And one thing that we want to prevent is that cart object is being loaded. Asynchronously is we don't want someone to hit add to cart before we have the cart object. So we can fix that really easily. By going up to the add to cart button, and here we can say, :disabled set to cart === null. We don't have a cart, it should be disabled. And Now we can hook up the real functionality we want, which is that @click="", let's call it a new addToCart() method down here. Let's add that method. I'll go down to the bottom methods: {}, addToCart() This one

Won't take, don't need any arguments here. And what we're gonna do here now is actually call that add to cart method from inside of our cart-service. So I'll say

addItemToCart() I'll hit tab to auto, complete that again, it's a little redundant, but I just want to show you that that did add the import

Or up here.

I'm the cart and what we need to pass. This is going to be the cart object, which we know is going to be this.cart. And we know that it's safe to reference that because we know that in practice, this addToCart method is not going to be callable. Um, until the cart is loaded because the button will be disabled.

So this.cart, and then we need a pass the item Yeah. And what would, this actually is each item in the cart is actually three things. It is the product IRI, which we can set to this.product['@id'] The color,

Which for right now, I'm going to set to null or about that in a second and a quantity, which I will set to one. Now, if you look confused, why I know fields to put there again, this is just how my API is designed. So if I go back and look at the cart API and look at the put end point here, and the put end point allows us to, uh, add a product color and quantity and array of those objects inside of here. So that's what we are passing

All right. So that should be it. Let's actually see if this works. So let me refresh one more time. Fresh. I'm going to add a cart and I think it worked. I don't see any areas here. You can actually see the Ajax call was successful down here for post /api/carts. Since we don't have a cart yet to refresh

And check the cart data and Oh, you can see it's actually still empty. This is actually a little bug I've been seeing on my computer. I wanted to show you in case any of you hit it. You actually look at the source code right now. You see the window.cartIri is still null. The problem is that I use localhost:8000 for tons of projects. And since I'm using on HTTP, which means I already have cookies from other projects. And since I'm using this on HTTP, it's actually rejecting my cookie in favor of those existing secure cookies. Long way of saying, if you get this, you can actually go into application and clear your storage completely. So this is basically clearing my session storage. Now I'm going to refresh, I'll go back to the view data tools. I'm going to add a cart one more time.

This time when I refresh. Yeah. So you can see actually up in the header, it says shopping cart one. And if we look at the view tools down here, yes, our cart has one item in it with quantity one. So that kind of, we had that quantity thing going, I'm going to hit add a cart two more times and you actually see that this header doesn't update yet. We're going to fix that soon. But when we refresh now, it says three and our cart here still has one item in it. But now that one item has quantity three. So yes, we are adding things to our cart.

So next, let's make this fancier with some animations, hook up the quantity and color selectors for products that need a color and somehow update this cart header immediately, whenever we click add to cart. So we don't have to wait for it to refresh.

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