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Design Patterns Episode 2

Sharpen your software design skills by coding real features and learning four new patterns

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About this course

This course is in the planning stages

In this second episode about design patterns, we'll make our command-line app even more awesome! We'll implement many new features from scratch like player's actions, game difficulty levels, victory bonuses, and more! And we'll do it all by applying four new design patterns that will keep our code base clean, flexible and shiny.

What you'll be learning:

  • A quick reminder about the different types of design patterns
  • The Command pattern
  • The Chain of Responsibility pattern
  • The State pattern
  • The Factory pattern
  • A bonus pattern: the Null Object pattern
  • Object-Oriented programming skills

And... how any of these look - in the real world - inside a Symfony app.

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Hello friends

I can't wait to watch this part. My favorite is CoR.
However, I feel like the Mediator pattern is missing here. In the previous „season” there were, among others: about Pub-Sub, which concerned the EventDispatcher which as far as I know, uses Mediator internally. It would be nice to delve deeper into this topic.

What do you think?

| Reply |

Hey @Anatol

Thank you for telling us about your interest in the Mediator pattern. That's very useful for us to decide what topics to cover next, sadly, we cannot add it to this tutorial at this point because it's already in the recording phase, but I'll keep it in mind for the next tutorial.


1 | Reply |

Thank you @MolloKhan

I thought it might be too late to include it in this series, so I kind of added a checkbox item to the next one 🚀
..I hope 🙂

| Reply |

haha, yea you did! Cheers!

| Reply |

Good day. Will the option be in Spanish?

| Reply |

Hey GerMonty,

We do provide Spanish subtitles for the video and scripts below the video for all our new courses including this one - you will be able to choose it on the course or chapter page, but the audio will be in English only.


| Reply |

Thank you. It's great the way you say.

| Reply |

Great! We also made it more obvious for users - now you can see this info in the course description too.


| Reply |

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