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Design Patterns for Fun and Proficiency

This course is in the planning stages

We all know that building a command-line app where characters battle each other is geek-awesomeness. But what about building that app and learning the most powerful programming design patterns of all time!? We should totally do that!

Design patterns are much more than just scholarly topics: they are time-tested solutions to problems that we developers face every single day. We'll show you the best ones, by actually coding them and seeing how they help. In this tutorial, we've chosen to cover our favorite (and the most useful and common) patterns:

  • An intro to the different types of design patterns
  • The Strategy pattern
  • The Builder pattern
  • The Observer pattern
  • The Decorator pattern

Finally sound super hipster when talking with other programmers ("Did you see how I used the Flyweight pattern?"). Oh, and take your Object-Oriented skills to a pro level.

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Diego Aguiar Ryan Weaver

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