Write SOLID Code & Impress your Friends

This course is in the planning stages

Sure, writing object-oriented code starts with mastering the fundamentals: classes, objects, properties, etc. But without some guiding principles, writing object-oriented code is like using power tools... with no plan about what you're building! You will build something... but you might not be happy with the result... and the next programmer to see the project definitely won't be!

Say hello to SOLID: 5 famous principles, each designed to guide how you write object-oriented code so that it is flexible, understandable, and (most importantly) impresses your friends. In this course, we'll master these principles in a practical, real-world way:

  • Single responsibility
  • Open–closed
  • Liskov substitution
  • Interface segregation
  • Dinosaurs 🦖, I mean Dependency inversion

Let's sharpen our tools and write some great code!

Your Guides

Diego Aguiar Ryan Weaver

Questions? Conversation?

  • 2020-07-03 Sławek Grochowski

    understand. Thank you for your sincere reply.

  • 2020-07-03 Victor Bocharsky

    Hey Sławek,

    We're sorry about that. But that's the pace we move with this course, can't go faster unfortunately. And while this course is under active planning/coding, we also do have some other courses prepared/almost finished that we're working on and that will be released faster.

    With "Design patterns" course is a completely different story, as we worked with a few separate authors and nobody was able to finish it unfortunately, that's why we decided to delete it and start with a bit easier SOLID course ourselves.

    Thank you for your patience!


  • 2020-07-03 Sławek Grochowski

    "...a few more courses from SymfonyCasts before..." what a pity

  • 2020-07-03 Victor Bocharsky

    Hey Andreas,

    Unfortunately, no any possible release dates yet... It's still under active low-level planning, so you will definitely see a few more courses from SymfonyCasts before we start releasing this one, but I'll assure you that we're working on it and it's abandoned.

    Thanks for understanding and your patience!


  • 2020-07-01 Andreas Bee

    Any news regarding the release date?

  • 2020-05-18 Vladimir Sadicov

    Hey Bruno Bandeira

    Thanks for your interest! Keep watching for updates, unfortunately I still can't give you more information than you can find on this page. Course is in active development stage but no eta.


  • 2020-05-16 Bruno Bandeira

    When will the course be launched? :)

  • 2020-03-18 Diego Aguiar

    Hey k_e_v

    Thanks for your interest in the course :)
    The course it's been actively developed but it's still too early to know when it's going to be released


  • 2020-03-18 k_e_v

    Any insight when this course might be available? Really looking forward to learn this from you guys

  • 2020-02-04 Sławek Grochowski

    yep, the course have been deleted

  • 2020-01-23 Diego Aguiar

    Yeah, I know [face palm]... We really apologize about that and the only thing I can say is that we are working hard on never allow it to be repeated.

  • 2020-01-22 CharlES

    I hope the same thing doesn't happen as with the Design Patterns course, it would certainly be a big disappointment.

  • 2020-01-22 Diego Aguiar

    Hey CharlES

    I can't give you any real release date yet, there are other tutorials on the scope before this one, but if you subscribe to this course you will be notified as soon as it gets released


  • 2020-01-20 CharlES

    Approximate release date?

  • 2019-11-07 weaverryan

    Hey CharlES!

    That is an *excellent* point.

    > Hey! You've already been doing A, B, and C perfectly... just by following how Symfony recommends coding!

    These things are not always new concepts - often you're just learning that something you already do... has a name! I'm going to add these notes to our planning doc.


  • 2019-11-06 CharlES

    Hey weaverryan , Another very important thing for this course is to indicate that when we are working with Symfony we are already applying SOLID, and maybe we do not know, this also happens with design patterns. It would be ideal to have these points clear. It's something I need to have and I'm sure more people will.

    thanks so much for your work

  • 2019-10-04 Victor Bocharsky

    Hey Juan,

    We're sorry you have to wait a lot that course. Unfortunately, we really wanted to release that course soon, but we had to changed a few authors of it because for some reasons they got busy or unavailable.

    But, actually the good news is that SOLID course is a great progress to the direction of design patterns - we decided to split this part off from the design patterns and prepare users to them via SOLID, as design patters might be tough without this part. So, basically, SOLID is the first part of design patters that we decided to make as a separate course and release it faster.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding!


  • 2019-10-03 Juan Luis Garcia

    I am waiting for the pattern design course ...

    https://symfonycasts.com/sc... .... 😥
    You should delete the course ... years without beginning

  • 2019-10-02 weaverryan

    Hmm, that could be! We'll keep that in mind when we get to that part of creating the tutorial. Thanks for the feedback :)

  • 2019-10-02 CharlES

    I think it's very important that the example is in both sites, at least the example of the interfaces in Symfony because I think this is quite special.

  • 2019-10-02 weaverryan

    We're still building this tutorial out, but I don't think there should be much (or any) difference between SOLID applied inside Symfony or outside of it - the principles should look identical :). For that reason, we're currently building this on a small app that's not in Symfony, but that "looks" a bit like Symfony to keep things familiar (same basic directory structure).


  • 2019-10-01 CharlES

    I guess you have both subjects, apply it without framework and apply it with Symfony, right?

  • 2019-10-01 weaverryan

    Of course - but our's is going to be more fun ;)

  • 2019-09-30 exfromtheleft

    while the course is being planned, there is one on the topic on laracast ;-)

  • 2019-09-28 Ahmedbhs

    Bah voilà ce que on attend :* Great JOB !!

  • 2019-09-26 Jérôme 

    Great, can't wait for it!

  • 2019-09-24 zpine


  • 2019-09-23 Alberto


  • 2019-09-21 CharlES

    Yes, please!

  • 2019-09-21 Wil Iglesias