Write SOLID Code & Impress your Friends

This course is in the planning stages

Sure, writing object-oriented code starts with mastering the fundamentals: classes, objects, properties, etc. But without some guiding principles, writing object-oriented code is like using power tools... with no plan about what you're building! You will build something... but you might not be happy with the result... and the next programmer to see the project definitely won't be!

Say hello to SOLID: 5 famous principles, each designed to guide how you write object-oriented code so that it is flexible, understandable, and (most importantly) impresses your friends. In this course, we'll master these principles in a practical, real-world way:

  • Single responsibility
  • Open–closed
  • Liskov substitution
  • Interface segregation
  • Dinosaurs 🦖, I mean Dependency inversion

Let's sharpen our tools and write some great code!

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Diego Aguiar Ryan Weaver

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