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Boost your Symfony apps with HTTP/2 ​and HTTP/3 (Kévin Dunglas)

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Symfony Live London 2019 presentation by Kévin Dunglas.

Talk Abstract

HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 can improve the loading time of webpages up to 2 times. Did you know that it’s very easy to optimize your Symfony applications to leverage the advanced features of this new protocol? The talk agenda:

  • a historically contextualized presentation of the different versions of the HTTP protocol;
  • a state of the protocol support in the PHP ecosystem;
  • a guide explaining how to serve your PHP and Symfony apps with h2, using Nginx, Apache and Docker;
  • many code samples showing how to use h2 to improve the loading time of your assets and APIs using the WebLink component and Twig
  • examples of how to take advantage of the protocol using the brand new HttpClient Component
  • ​ *