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Restless microservices with Symfony (Neal Brooks)

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Symfony Live London 2019 presentation by Neal Brooks.

Talk Abstract

When we think about microservices we usually imagine a bunch of self-contained and job-focused applications, each specifying and managing their own boundaries and dependencies, and talking to each other over HTTP / REST APIs.

Used in the right context, the microservice architecture can deliver number of great benefits to a business. But those benefits come with tradeoffs.

Unfortunately a lot of people find out too far down the road just how difficult REST-based microservices can be to implement and maintain.

In this presentation we’ll dig into the structure of microservices, think about the major pros and cons, and see if we can tweak it into something a bit more developer-friendly without losing the benefits.

Then we’ll see how have tackled the problem in the real world using Symfony, keeping services isolated and testable while addressing some of the challenges that many people face when trying to adopt such a pattern.