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Introducing Symfony Notifier (Fabien Potencier)

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Symfony Live London 2019 presentation by Fabien Potencier.

Talk Abstract

In this talk, lead developer of Symfony - Fabien Potencier - talks about the "Back to Basics" road in Symfony: making the full Symfony experience smooth from development to deploy. Along this path, he introduces the latest new Symfony component: Symfony Notifier - a full solution for "notifications" that are sent by email, SMS or chat systems.

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Freshheads Avatar
Freshheads Avatar Freshheads | posted 3 years ago

FYI the mentioned `SystemEmail` class has been renamed to `NotificationEmail` (see `Symfony\Bridge\Twig\Mime\NotificationEmail`)

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Hey Evert,

Thank you for this tip! ;)


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