Mastering Doctrine Relations

This course is in the planning stages

In the part 1 of the Doctrine Tutorial we got some serious work done with Doctrine: creating entity classes, making custom queries, migrations, Docker setup & more!

But... we ignored one of the biggest part of Doctrine: relations / associations! And thanks to tooling inside of Symfony, creating database relationships - ManyToOne, ManyToMany, etc - has never been easier. So let's go!

  • Generating a ManyToOne relationship (association)
  • Relation annotations / PHP 8 attributes
  • The OneToMany inverse side of a relation
  • Handling relationships in fixtures with Foundry
  • The owning versus inverse sides of a relation
  • Doing magic with the ArrayCollection (Criteria)
  • Querying with Joins
  • ManyToMany Relations

So let's cook up some relationships and take our Cauldron Overflow app to the next level!

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